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Welcome to Xloo

A Boutique Agency of 70+ Experienced Experts


Experienced Experts

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We bring together the best dedicated web and mobile developers, managers, designers, marketers and specialists who can help to outsource the project for you to get a high quality product. We have all the expertise you need to produce proficient, dependable, and scalable web or mobile applications, design and marketing services.

We Work For a
Common Mission

Become Key Technology Partners For Your Business
to Solve Your Software Challenges.

We Share
Common Values

We hold ourselves accountable to both our customers and partners for decisions we make and solutions we offer and we never shy away from responsibility. The reasons behind us being so self-confident are our professionalism and enthusiasm, incredible dedication and hard work that always pay off.
Since building software for highly-competitive industries requires boldness and out-of-the-box thinking, we’re the strong believers in the creative approach that is, however, based on experience. Such a combination enables our customers to become market innovators while keeping the risks as low as possible.
As creators of software, we always think the code through before writing it, not after. We know that even the smallest part of it matters over the long run. That is why all our code writers, as well as management, employ critical thinking skills that prevent snap judgements and allow us all to arrive at the most beneficial solutions imaginable.
We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better. At Xloo, we’re passionate about each and every project we work on, overcoming the challenges and embarking on solutions that work best for our customers. Empowering businesses with technology excites us.
Acting as a one big team is the backbone of our philosophy. It’s the collaborative effort that has gotten us where we are today: on the global market, serving customers on 5 continents. For our employees, we cultivate the environment in which they can grow as individuals having the enormous support of the team.
We Believe That People Are Our Greatest Asset!
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Since 1996 we are helping our customers to achieve their most ambitious business goals and solve burning challenges by means of innovative custom software solutions that we develop. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to newborn tech startups and represent such highly-competitive industries as e-Commerce, automotive, healthcare, real estate, entertainment, retail, and others. We have developed systems for the North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa.

South Africa

Being at the forefront of innovations, we help our customers to build software products and services that will transform their businesses technologically enabling progress and cost reductions.

What We Do 

During more than two decades in the industry, we have enabled the digital transformation of multiple businesses, including the automotive sector, healthcare, real estate, legal, entertainment, etc.

Our Portfolio 

We take your idea and create an innovation out of it, using modern and effective tools and technologies, that we attentively define for each project to deliver the best solutions for our clients.

How We Do It 
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Company History


Xloo Earned Bing Partner Badge

Xloo earned Bing Partner status that recognizes its online practical knowledge in helping customers to exceed their business goals.


Partnership with the Healthcare Industry

Xloo embarks on software development for the medical industry.


Recognition by World’s Largest Market Research Reports Portal

Xloo’s software developed for the automotive industry was highly rated by 1Market Research, the top independent research company.


Partnership with Goraceit Technologies Ltd

Xloo announces a partnership with Goraceit Technologies Ltd to advance the Kenyan automotive market.

Xloo Has Earned Google Partner Badge

Xloo earned Google Partner status, badge and benefits by proving the company’s high-quality performance, effectiveness, transparency, recognition, and specific skills.

Xloo Expanded its Business to the United Kingdom

As a further testament to its commitment to excellence, XLOO is providing innovation and leading-edge technology to the UK markets.


Integration with Smart Auction

Xloo has become fully integrated with Smart Auction to deliver more innovative software solutions for the automotive space.


Strategic Partnership with the South African automotive industry

Xloo expanded its business to SAR.


Software Solutions for the Trucking Industry

Xloo is partnering with the largest commercial Truck Dealership groups in the country.


Xloo’s CRM System Provides Significant Advantages to Businesses

The Xloo’s Customer Relationship Management system was awarded one of the best CRM systems on the market.


Developed Google Adwords Connectivity Module

Xloo developed the Google Adwords connectivity module for inventory deployment utilizing the Google API.


Xloo Developed Connectivity with Facebook Apps

Xloo connectivity to FaceBook Apps offering infinite opportunities for its clients to advertise and promote their inventory of items on the world’s largest Social Networking Channel.

Partnership with the Aerospace Industry

Xloo embarks on mobile apps development for the Aerospace industry.


Xloo expands offices in Eastern Europe

Xloo expands offices in Eastern Europe in support of Mobile Apps supporting the Android and iOS Apps for customized development and technical support services.


Xloo opens SEO and SEM division

Xloo opens SEO And SEM division in support of WEB based marketing and sales.


Partnership with Leading Online Listing Services

Xloo facilitates the partnership with leading online listing services such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, eBay, Autotrader,, Kelly Blue Book, BlackBook, CARFAX, AutoCheck, NADA in deploying DMS data exchange agreement.


The Merger of Leading Partners IMS and DFI

Xloo manages the merger of leading IMS and DFI partners for fusion with DMS in offering a full solution to the Automotive Dealers.

Collaboration with a Leading Provider of Automotive Software Solutions

Xloo partners with leading Automotive software solutions provider in support of Dealer Management Software Solutions for the North American Market.


Creation of Development Centers in Eastern Europe

Xloo partners with USA entities in establishing development centers in Eastern Europe.


US Xloo Headquarters Open

Xloo USA headquarters is opened servicing the electronics manufacturing and software development markets.


Xloo Creation

Xloo Canadian headquarters was incorporated servicing the electronics manufacturing and software development markets.