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Software Development


Turn your business ideas into the next big thing with us. Take full advantage of our knowledge as the full-stack outsourcing company while saving up to 20% of total development costs compared to hiring in-house. For years we’ve been developing responsive websites and applications that range from CRUDE apps to those leveraging artificial intelligence that work smoothly across multiple devices and platforms.

Mobile Applications


Go mobile with our Android and iOS developers that most recently successfully released their 100th mobile application. Include mobile devices into your business strategy and mobile users into your customer base. Take advantage of everything Android and iOS have to offer and deliver personalized content to your clients’ back pockets anywhere and anytime.



As much as we do, you know that beauty and functionality, when melded together, attract the constant flow of users. Regardless if you need to design an entire online empire for your brand or just a one-page landing for the important event, looks matter. By always designing digital solutions with user experience in mind, we deliver the greatest value to your business.

Project Management


Our project management consultants will bring the needed skills and knowledge to help you define the best combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, and auxiliary software needed for both successful and cost-efficient development



Software solutions of any scale require technical support. Would it be a large enterprise software product, an e-Commerce website, or a mobile application – you need a dedicated team of technical support specialists that can respond to any maintenance-related requests from your customers. We are fully committed to making your customers feel valued and help them to get the most out of using your products.



Right marketing holds the key to generating the most growth for your business. Use our deep talent pool of digital marketers with broad expertise in SEO, SEM, SMM, content production, local area marketing, lead generation, paid advertising, and more for sustainable and long-term development.

Intellectual Property
Protection Services


Xloo provides the newest, hi-tech services and solutions to make names for our clients and firmly position them on the world’s market. Our legal team will help you to lawfully register various forms of intellectual property, including your patents, trademarks, and copyrights to always keep your valuable ideas safe.

Service Delivery Models

Should you require a dedicated team to delegate an entire project to, you can choose our turn-key solution development model under which we’re managing the project from start to finish. The prerequisites as well as deliverables and terms are discussed and documented prior to starting any project-related activities. The reporting can be scheduled weekly, monthly, or at agreed intervals.
Sometimes, all that your wonderful teams need for the successful completion of the task is an experienced supervisor guiding them through the complexities. We are always there to land you a helping hand and share the deep expertise our team leaders have obtained through the years. Whether you need a senior developer, UI/UX Designer, digital marketing or support managers who will be overseeing your projects from conception to delivery, just give us a call.
When you find your company in an extreme need to eliminate a certain problem, you can hire our team or an individual expert on a one-time basis. We offer a variety of services such as developing additional features for your current software, fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, remote software installation and setting, server maintenance, interconnections of platforms, system efficiency improving, etc.

Types of Contracts

Time and Material
Under this model, which best suits the long-term projects, the entire scope is divided into short sprints of the agreed price. Each sprint results in features delivered, milestones met, updates implemented, etc. Should your business goals alter, it’s easy to change the course of development as well as reagree on payment to meet the newly appeared requirements.
Fixed Price
This type of contract implies paying a specific non-changeable amount of money for particular work delivered. Feel free to select this type of cooperation if you can clearly describe all the requirements and the main features of the project from the very beginning and if no major amendments are expected.

If you are still hesitant about what delivery model and the type of contract are best for your specific business, we will point you in the right direction depending on the requirements and goals you have. Enjoy all the upsides of outsourcing by partnering with a company that you can trust and rely on.