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Live Video
Streaming App
for The Automotive


6 Months


5 Members





Autoxloo is an industry-leading car dealer software and online dealer management solutions provider with a global presence and a strong set of tools that allow automotive professionals to sell more vehicles and reach beyond the gates of their local markets.


  • Autoxloo had a burning business challenge to enable their dealer clients to perform the live audio and video streams of their walk-arounds for in-stock vehicles to online buyers and be able to record the live streams for future purposes.
  • Such a step would become the method of communication between the auto shopper requesting a quote, sending an email, or calling in and walking into the store.
  • For website visitors, there should be an on-site Request Form populated on the VDP (vehicle detail page) of every in-stock vehicle that would allow a buyer-to-be to schedule a live video stream of the desired vehicle for a certain time.
  • Consequently, this request should be immediately and automatically processed and the available sales person should be notified via several channels.
  • Another challenge that arose was to coordinate the time slots available to website visitors to choose with the schedule of each salesperson.
  • For the customer, the access to live demonstration should be one click away without any obstacles such as installing additional software or accessing the third-party services.
  • For the sales reps who will do the live video demonstrations, the application should be compatible with all types of smartphones and tablets running on both Android and iOS.


  • Over the 6-month period and with 5 people involved in this project, the Xloo team developed the Live Video Streaming™ (LVS™) application for live high-quality audio and video streaming as the ultimate solution to this business need.
  • LVS™ functionality includes but not limited to:
    • The on-site request form allowing visitors to book video streaming of any vehicle Live (instant) or On Demand (for the selected time).
    • Immediate multi-channel notifications of the salesperson (SMS, Email, and push notification in the CRM system).
    • A link-to-follow for buyers to join the presentation that goes to their email box once the sales rep confirms the live streaming. It is purely browser-based and can be input into any mobile or desktop browser.
    • Auto-recognition of the customer device. The specific link for Android and iOS is generated automatically depending on the device recognized.
    • The QR-code generation for the salesperson to scan and join the presentation from the dedicated device (smartphone or tablet).
    • Integration with the booking calendar in the CRM that coordinates the sales reps’ schedule with the time slots available to visitors for a vehicle live video streaming.
    • Switching to another vehicle during the presentation by scanning the VIN or choosing from inventory.

Technology Stack


Main Features

High quality audio & video
transmission from any lot to
online viewers

Give a realistic feeling of being close to the vehicle for customers.

Record & Store feature

Archive live video and test drives for on-demand playback and use the recordings whenever you need.

DMS/CRM Integration

Choose any vehicle from the DMS.

Multi-channel notifications

SMS, Email, Push.

No additional software for buyers

Pure browser-based experience.

Mute and pause the stream

Pause the video or mute the audio when required.

2-Camera Stream

Ability to switch from rear to front camera and back.

Vehicle & Customer Details Panels

Main vehicle details (financing options included) as well as buyer’s details are listed on the salesperson’s screen for the quick reference.


  • The Live Video Streaming™ app boosted the showcasing and lead generation possibilities of the Autoxloo Dealer Management System.
  • The majority of clients emphasized on increased consumer confidence and brand awareness through transparency.
  • Automotive dealers notice up to 18% increase of conversion rates and the general increase in customer satisfaction rate.
  • With the LVS™ app becoming an integral part of Autoxloo DMS system, its sales increased up to 16% over the 12 months.