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Online Bidding Platform
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Auction Streaming is the First and Only AMS provider with a fully functional and independent online Cloud Auction Management System. Auction owners from all over the USA get profits with highly innovative auction management software like Simcasts™ and LVS™.


  • Auction Streaming was founded as an answer to the “old school” car sales system. Auto auctions have been gaining more and more popularity for decades, but with no innovative approach, there was no future for the industry.
  • While the whole world was becoming more online-oriented, the automotive sphere remained brick and mortar. When all the old features of auctions had been applied by the owners, the industry entered the period of stagnation. The only difference between hundreds of auctions was the city and maybe the class of cars on sale. That was the moment Auction Streaming bursted in the industry.
  • Auction Streaming offers a complete solution for auto auction in the USA called CLOUD AUCTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 3™. It contains software to automate the process of car sales like Auctionlink, a solution that help to auto post and remove your inventory to other online marketplaces or VIR™, a high-end program to provide high quality vehicle inspection reports. Another part of CAMSIII is The Simcasts™.
  • The Simcasts™ is the solution that enables people to be present on the sale online with all the options that in-lane customers have. It had to contain the ability to bid, ask questions regarding a vehicle, see how it looks like and check the condition of it.
  • The solution had to be built in the shortest period and the main goal of it was to give the subscriber a realistic feeling of being present next to the car.
  • Such a complete idea required a great amount of skills and abilities. Xloo had conducted our own research and come to the conclusion that we can satisfy project’s requirements. All in all, Auction Streaming decided to use Xloo’s resources to develop the solution that conforms to the highest standards of quality.


  • Starting with conducting research, we have collected requirements to make a solution innovative and user friendly at the same time.
  • The main aim of the Simcasts™ was realistic immersion to the place of conducting the auction. Static pictures of cars and specs don’t look innovative, so together with a client we have decided to make a live stream from the place of the auction.
  • Another challenge was to put online and offline visitors to the equal settings. Online visitors shouldn’t have a long delay between bidding on their device and the time it appears on the clerk panel. In the end, we had a delay comparable with the margin of error of a human’s reaction.
  • For the ease of usage, the solution doesn’t need any additional software for work. Dealers can do everything in a browser.
  • To get the most from the usage, we have realized the ability to watch multiple streams and multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • The mobile version of Simcasts™ – Simcasts Mobile Dashboard™ was developed to allow a person to participate in auctions being far from the sale location using a smartphone or a tablet.

Technology Stack


Main Features

Online Auction Solution

Simcasts™ allows online users to perform all the actions that in-lane visitors do. They can see the stream, inspect the car, bid and finally buy the desired vehicle.

Live Interaction With Clients

Besides the online presence on the event, Simcasts™ functionality allows an auctioneer to have close interaction with buyers and sellers. They can leave comments or questions and presenters may react to them in voice or in a chat.

Advanced Filters

Simcasts™ gives customers the opportunity to use advanced filters to minimize the time to find the desired vehicles.

High Quality Live Streams

The solution provides highest quality and the optimization allows customers to enjoy the stream with even bad Internet connection. Streams are not interrupted with the Internet breakdowns.

No Additional Software

Simcasts™ is an independent software and it doesn’t require any additional tools, modules or plugins to watch the vehicle stream. A dealer needs just to launch their browser, open the inventory page and select a vehicle to view.


  • Auction Streaming was awarded the best innovation company of 2018 by technology forecasters.
  • The company successfully works with 25+ auctions in 7 countries.
  • Clients note work process improvement by automation some tasks by Simcasts™ and reduced costs for events’ organization.
  • Thousands of vehicles are sold using Simcasts™ every week.
  • With the help of Simcasts™, Auction Streaming became the top AMS provider for auto auctions in the USA, having a complete solution to satisfy the demands of key players of the automotive industry.
  • Auction Streaming became one of the industry leaders, a regular participant of the biggest shows and conferences.