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Slingshot Mobiletm

Mobile Inventory
Management App for
Auto Dealers


1 Year


5 Members





Autoxloo is an industry-leading car dealer software and online dealer management solutions provider with a global presence and a strong set of tools that allow automotive professionals to sell more vehicles and reach beyond the gates of their local markets.


  • Autoxloo specializes in innovative software for automotive dealerships. Being at the forefront of the automotive industry for 15 years, the company accumulated the experience which resulted in the Dealer Management System, a complete solution to automate the process of buying and selling vehicles online and at the lot.
  • One of the main pain points of dealerships is inventory management. There may be thousands of items in the stock, so the question of automation of this process was the priority for the whole industry.
  • As one of the industry leaders, Autoxloo accepted the challenge and having a proven background in understanding the bottlenecks of the inventory management, developed the concept of Slingshot™.
  • When we are talking about big warehouses with hundreds of cars inside, the last thing you want to do is being tied to a computer to manage them. A mobile app was the only option to create a perfect mix of functionality and comfort of usage.
  • Slingshot™ should have an integration with Autoxloo’s VIN Decoder to scan the numbers and reveal all the vehicle information in the matter of seconds.
  • The Slingshot™ app should have a shallow learning curve so even the non-tech-savvy dealers and staff would be able to use it.


  • By analyzing the target audience, we determined the portrait of the Slingshot™ user and concluded that the app should be developed on both iOS and Android and also decided to make them native.
  • Inventory management is the main function of the app, and we had to think over the best ways of implementing it. The basic information is extracted from the VIN number. The VIN can be input manually or scanned via the camera of the device used (a smartphone or tablet). The integration with Autoxloo’s VIN Decoder allows identifying cars and getting all the accessible vehicle information such as year, make, model, body style, warranty, fuel type, vehicle’s options, etc, within seconds. The user can always add some extra details, upload more photos, and even videos to the profile.
  • Slingshot Mobile™ is integrated with the Dealer Management System for easy access to inventory and fast management process.
  • For the lots that are situated in areas with weak or no Internet coverage, we enabled the Offline Mode feature. It allows dealers to work with the app offline and send all the edits to the pending status and once the connection is restored, the system will send data to the server.

Technology Stack

Yii 2.0
Spring Boot

Main Features

VIN Decoder

Scan the vehicle identification number with your mobile device camera or input the VIN manually for instant auto-populating of the most required data fields like Year, Make, Model, Motorized Type, Body Type, Trim, Condition, etc.

OBD2 scanner with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Connection

Connect to an OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostics) reader via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and transmit the data about the vehicle’s condition (list of error codes with descriptions, sensors data, service light system, conditioning, airbag and transmission control, air temperature, coolant, etc) from an on-board computer instantly stores the in the app.

Online/Offline Mode

Upload all the necessary data and vehicles will have a temporary pending status, but when the connection is later restored, the vehicles will be uploaded automatically.

Inventory Editing

Add or remove new items to and from the stock using your smartphone or tablet.

Vehicle Profile Editing

Upload the vehicle’s details, photos, and videos to the profile.

Integration with Dealer
Management System

Send cars’ profiles to the DMS and showcase your inventory better on the marketplace.


  • Slingshot Mobile™ empowered dealers with a much-needed mobile tool for inventory management regardless of their location.
  • The intuitive design and ease of usage made the app popular with automotive representatives and increased the sales of the Autoxloo’s Dealer Management System.
  • Automotive dealers noticed that an inventory turnover rate increased by 10% as the result of more vehicles listed and thereby sold.
  • Offline mode feature increased the staff productivity by up to 21% by reducing the time for listing and delisting vehicles during the Internet breakdowns or while being in the no-coverage areas.
  • More informative and transparent vehicle profiles with OBD2 codes listed, images and walkaround videos uploaded through Slingshot Mobile™ app increased sales by up to 16% on average.