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Vehicle Condition Report
App With Grading


6 Months


13 Members





Autoxloo is an industry-leading car dealer software and online dealer management solutions provider with a global presence and a strong set of tools that allow automotive professionals to sell more vehicles and reach beyond the gates of their local markets.


  • In the late 2000s, Autoxloo began witnessing the upswing in online selling and buying. It was the pivotal moment in the history of the automotive industry that challenged many software providers and weeded out those who couldn’t meet the rising demand for digital solutions.
  • Predicting an even more drastic switch to online vehicle shopping in the future, Autoxloo decided to build a solution that will enable auto dealers to not only feature their inventory online but to thoroughly inspect every vehicle and create digital condition reports attracting more online consumers through the added transparency.
  • The solution had to be built in the shortest terms with the goal to pioneer this approach to vehicle inspections and become the first car dealer software provider offering such revolutionary technology. We also wanted to pass the innovation on to our customers to help them meet the growing buyers’ appetite for technology-powered solutions.
  • In order to deliver on such aspirations, Autoxloo needed a reliable partner that could provide a skillful and powerful team of developers and designers who would act as an additional workforce and would efficiently collaborate with our internal teams.
  • Back in the day, we contacted multiple outsourcing companies but all of them turned down the offer finding the task too difficult to accomplish. That was the pivotal moment for us during which we realized that we possess sufficient expertise and skills to establish our own outsourcing company today known as Xloo.


  • At the very beginning we had a bare idea of developing a powerful condition estimation software that will allow our dealer customers to take a leap into a better business instead of taking baby steps to get there.
  • Our main strengths were the team of experienced Android and iOS developers and business analysts who have conducted an in-depth market research to collect and assess the requirements for the design of the feature-rich application that would yet involve a small learning curve for the end users.
  • After multiple brainstorm meetings to map the development process and define the best combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, and auxiliary software needed for development, we have arrived at the final solution.

    • Developed the VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report application.
    • Moved the industry from the unreliable pen-and-paper inspections to the up-to-date digital solution.
    • Put the project team together combining our internal workforce with the outsourced developers.

Technology Stack

Yii 2.0

Main Features

Complete Online Vehicle Inspection Via Portable Devices (Smartphone or Tablet)

With VIR™, a vehicle seller can thoroughly inspect the exterior, interior, mechanics, frame, paint, and tires in the finest detail using a tablet or a smartphone and create the most extensive digital vehicle condition reports that the global automotive industry has ever seen.

Automatic Calculation
Of The Overall Vehicle Grading

Our developers implemented the automatic calculation of the overall vehicle grading as well as the areas’ grading based on the type of the damages, their severity, and the action needed to have them fixed.

Wireless Synchronization With The OBD-II Adaptor And Coating Thickness Gauge

We enabled wireless synchronization with the OBD-II adaptor and coating thickness gauge to send diagnostic trouble codes and the coating thickness measurements to the VIR™ application directly.

The Highest Level Of Detail And Descriptiveness

The technologies we used allowed us to enrich the reports with various data such as engine error codes, odometer readings, tire sizes, ets. The level of detail and descriptiveness VIR™ provides is extraordinary and cannot be found in any other vehicle inspection software providers today.


  • Through the VIR™ application, Autoxloo became the first automotive software provider to generate consumer-friendly electronic inspection reports with gradings, add high-definition photos, and paint-meter readings, and to work on a number of different platforms and devices that utilize built-in 2d or 3d barcode scanners or externally connected via Bluetooth.
  • At that time, the VIR™ appeared to be so ground-breaking and revolutionary that Autoxloo treademarked it to protect their intellectual property.
  • We expanded our customer base and was recognized as a key player in the industry of dealer management software by global business market research companies, not to mention forward-thinking dealers all over the world.
  • Most recently, Autoxloo was featured in the “Vehicle Inspection Software Market 2020” report and was referred to as one of the major players in this field.