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Chat Platform for
Omnichannel Teams




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WEBXLOO offers a complete results-oriented web strategy, catering to every aspect of your online business. They deliver integrated solutions that help companies grow, manage change and improve profitability. Webxloo’s services, teams, efforts, dedication and customer-oriented approach make them a favorite choice among the clients. They are dedicated 24/7, all year round, to provide the best service available.


  • At a time when teleworking was catching on, the lack of communication was one of the small-numbered disadvantages that was deterring companies from hiring remote workers.
  • The only way to meet the demands of companies is the development of their own communication system to include all the desired features and exclude the needless ones.
  • Webxloo understood the challenge and came up with a concept of a complete solution to make the communication between team members and their managers easier and more productive.
  • The company needed a communication platform to unite the employees and help them to collaborate easily getting work done on time.
  • A company chat implies different levels of user’s competence. WXChat should become a solution that is equally understandable for web developers with a high level of technical knowledge and workers who are far from it.
  • Webxloo Chat or WXChat should contain the main features of cutting-edge chats like one-on-one and group messaging, audio and video conferencing, searchable chat history, content sharing (docs, sheets, slides), GIFs, stickers and emojis.
  • The audit of the project provided us with a clear understanding that our team can realize this platform on the highest level and in the shortest terms. Having conducted several initial researches, we started developing WXChat.


  • We have created the perfect mix of user friendly design and necessary features to meet the demands of power users.
  • WXChat should cover all the communication needs within a company, so we have realized the customizable structure of it. As the company had several departments, there should be an ability to create separate rooms for each department, common rooms for main announcements and one-on-one channels. Besides, team leads and directors needed to have wider permissions to build the workflow of their departments as they wish. All in all, all these features were successfully implemented.
  • As was mentioned above, WXChat is a part of the Unified Communication Solution and it has integration with other parts like the CRM system. Therewithal, for easier engagement with online customers, the integration with Live Chat was also implemented.
  • To provide the superior user experience better, WXChat is supported by the most popular desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile OS like Android and iOS.

Technology Stack

React Native
Watermelon DB
Push Technology

Main Features

Multi-Device Solution

WXChat works on almost any device like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems installed.

Video/Audio Messages
and Calls with Screen Sharing

WXChat is not limited by text messaging. The functionality allows users to arrange meetings to discuss all the questions on the spot and support it with a visual presentation.

Public Channels,
Private Groups, Direct Messaging

WXChat allows administrators to build clear and structured communication channels within a company to let the message come to the right addressee.

Chat History

We have realized the chat history feature that allows changing devices without losing mission-critical information, important conversations, and attachments.

Files, Attachments,
Emojis, Reactions

To meet the demands, we have implemented the possibility to exchange the files among users and enrich communication with visual materials that reinforce the text messages.

Chat Bots

In order to improve the workflow of the teams, we have added the bot automation support. For now, WXChat has integration with Redmine, GitHub and Trello, but the number of supported bots may increased due to client’s needs.


  • WXChat became a great beginning and set the high standards for all the components of Unified Communication Solutions.
  • The company workers gave WXChat a warm welcome and noted the user-friendliness combined with a wide spectrum of possibilities.
  • Webxloo cut costs for external software and built all the communication in the company with the help of WXChat.
  • The Live Chat integration allowed the support team to give instant answers to the customers’ on-site queries and as a result WXChat increased the company’s customer satisfaction rate.