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WEBXLOO offers a complete results-oriented web strategy, catering to every aspect of your online business. They deliver integrated solutions that help companies grow, manage change and improve profitability. Webxloo’s services, teams, efforts, dedication and customer-oriented approach make them a favorite choice among the clients. They are dedicated 24/7, all year round, to provide the best service available.


  • In order to optimize the workflow and bring communication within a company to a new level, Webxloo developed a concept of Unified Communication Solutions – a system that contains chat, voice calls software and other components to ease the process of discussions and troubleshooting. Obviously, CRM is an integral part of it.
  • The main idea of Webxloo was to concentrate on functionality, making design as intuitive as possible within the existing Unified Communication Solutions’ color scheme.
  • Surething, CRM should perform one of its main functions – lead management. A user should have access to such common features as Contact Book, Lead Assignment, Lead Distribution, etc.
  • As far as the workers use a great amount of external software, it should be possible to integrate the WXCRM system with the most commonly used applications.
  • The point of the discussion was developing for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. The client was not sure if it will be paid off and which platform, Android or iOS, should be taken into account.
  • Earlier, we have successfully developed WXChat, another component of Unified Communication Solutions, and, therefore our tech stack was wide enough to offset the client’s requirements. And we’ve started the development process.


  • The first thing we started with was creating the visual part and interface. In accordance to the recent trends in the industry and our own vision, our experts prepared several wireframes and the prototype of the design. We did our best to create a mixture of multifunctionality and intuitiveness. Then we tested the prototype and the feedback we got from the beta users gave us a clear understanding of what we should change. Having accepted several corrections, we got the final approval of the interface and the whole design of WXCRM.
  • To perform the main goal of CRM which is building business relationships with customers, we collected the most valuable features of different software on the market and added them to the WXCRM functionalities package. For now, it contains powerful tools for lead management like Lead Generation, Lead Distribution, and Lead Escalation modules. Lead Distribution feature operates under Round Robin algorithm to provide each sales representative with a desired number of leads assigned.
  • Another function of CRM is the possibility for internal management. Administrators may perform main manipulations like create, edit, or activate users, group them into teams, grant permissions etc. Besides, it is easy to control employees with features like lead scoring or dashboards. For the automation of workflow, such features as follow-up reminders and different types of notifications were added as well.
  • To automate the workflow and get rid of the necessity of external software usage, we implemented several integrations. For now, WXCRM is connected to Outlook, on-site LiveChat, WhatsApp and Twilio, but the number of integrations is not limited and may be broadened in the future due to clients’ needs.
  • Google Maps is one more integration that opens another possibility of CRM – time management. You can place your offline meeting on the map to organize your working day in a right way and get all the information of the meeting by just clicking on it. All the planned meetings are demonstrated on the map so that you can easily choose the best route. Besides, it informs the participants about the time and reminds about the future meeting automatically.
  • The client wanted only a desktop version first, but as far as mobile usage is taking over the market, we have prepared research about smartphone apps usage in comparison with PC versions. Webxloo agreed that if workers have an opportunity to use CRM being far from the desktop, i.e. in business trips or even in a traffic jam, that would cover the costs spent for mobile development and increase profits in future.
  • The Mobile WXCRM was developed for Android and iOS as the most popular mobile OSs with 98% of the market share in the world.
  • Aside from the mobile OSs, WXCRM is supported by the most popular desktop operating systems like Windows, macOS and Linux.

Technology Stack

Room DB
Push Technology

Main Features

Marketing and Sales Automation Modules

Allow companies to increase their salespeople’s productivity by delegating the part of routine activities to the solution functionality.

  • Targets
  • Leads
  • Web-to-Lead
  • Calls and SMS
Massmail Campaigns Modules
  • Campaigns
  • PDF Templates
  • Newsletters
  • Target Lists
Workflow Organization Modules

Give managers a wide range of possibilities to build their own and their employees’ workflows to satisfy the client’s needs.

  • Calendar
  • Meetings
  • Projects
  • Tasks
  • Cases
  • Bugs
  • Notes
Multifunctional Modules

May be useful for both workflow organization and sales automation needs.

  • Accounts
  • Contacts
Reporting Modules
  • Dashboard
  • Reports
Billing modules
  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Live Chat
  • Outlook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twilio
  • Google Maps


  • WXCRM successfully fit into the Unified Communication Solutions system, continuing the tendency of revolutionary and user-friendly software with a powerful feature package and a customizable integrations’ kit.
  • Currently, WXCRM serves for 20+ companies all over the world.
  • Webxloo together with subsidiaries gained access to the software with powerful possibilities for internal company management. Workflow organization modules automated the performing of routine tasks and increased the productivity of all employees from +25% to +34%.
  • Webxloo managers noted up to 54% increase in customer service response time resulted from such useful features as quick access to bugs and Live Chat integration.
  • A great pack of marketing and sales automation modules allowed to reduce lead to customer conversion time up to 29% and increased the number of leads a sales representative can work with during the day.