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The Telecommunication
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WEBXLOO offers a complete results-oriented web strategy, catering to every aspect of your online business. They deliver integrated solutions that help companies grow, manage change and improve profitability. Webxloo’s services, teams, efforts, dedication and customer-oriented approach make them a favorite choice among the clients. They are dedicated 24/7, all year round, to provide the best service available.


  • Modern business realities require always staying in touch. “Not available” is not a status you want your workers to have if we are talking about important calls or urgent troubleshooting. So, the first thing you should do as a business owner is to provide your teams with a powerful communication software.
  • Webxloo developed the concept of WXVoice in order to create an additional communication channel for employees as they are concentrated in several countries and to enable workers to collaborate more effectively.
  • One of the main reasons to develop a proprietary communication software was security. None of the companies would want any third parties to have access to their ideas and internal communication. WXVoice was set to be hosted on the Webxloo’s own server therefore nobody outside the company would have access to it.
  • Webxloo wanted to be able to have not only direct 1-to-1 conversations, but also audio conference calls. As far as Webxloo is an international company and workers are in different time zones, the project had to enable the possibility to send voicemails.
  • This case looked interesting for us and having conducted initial research, we got a clear vision that this project may be completed by our branch’s experts. After discussion of the details, we have defined the best combination of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, patterns, servers, UI/UX solutions, and auxiliary software needed for both successful and cost-efficient development and started the solution production process.


  • The first thing we faced was to determine the tech stack. We had to transform client’s ideas and requirements into a clear prototype and choose which technologies would help us to reach full potential of the software.
  • Perhaps, the only thing that didn’t need to be debated was operating systems. Android and iOS powered apps are not an advantage, but a necessity in today’s market. By date, not less than 98% of mobile devices worldwide are run on Android and iOS, so our task was to give access to the software to all the company employees.
  • Having finished the business analysis, we had to expand our tech stack with new services to be able to implement all the necessary features.
  • To provide the company with a decent communication channel, we have conducted several researches to ensure that the voice quality is on a highest level possible.
  • We got the understanding that we need to have a design similar to other Unified Communication Solutions system’s components such as WXCRM and WXChat. For the WXVoice, we kept an existing color scheme while implementing other design requirements and the pleasing to the eye UI.
  • Once the MVP had been finished, the next step was to gather the feedback from the beta users to get the understanding of the further actions. We got positive feedback regarding design and UI and several comments about the possible improvement of functionality.
  • After the testing stage, we discussed with a client a possibility to expand the functionality of the app. We offered to add useful features collected during the researching stage like voicemails and file sharing and got approval.
  • WXVoice is based on PBX system, providing internal communication by connecting telephone extensions to the public switched telephone network (PSTN). In other words, it means that the solution doesn’t require using actual phone lines to make and receive calls. It divides the users within one network by assigning unique extensions, the analogue to the phone number. The WXVoice app allows users to perform secure calls around the globe without any additional costs.
  • One of the main reasons for WXVoice development was the ability to freely communicate when away from the office. The WXVoice app allows everyone to stay connected and to be productive from wherever they are. Every employee can install it on their device and after receiving a personal extension, they will be readily available for important discussions.
  • Besides the ability to make in-company calls, we added the possibility to have extra numbers to communicate with clients using them.

Technology Stack

Room DB
Realm DB
Yii 2.0
Push Technology

Main Features

Direct 1-to-1

Direct calls with high voice quality.

Internal and External

Send messages to your colleagues and clients within one app.

Secure calls

Make secure calls hosted on your own server.

File sharing

Share your files without necessity to switch the app.

Audio Conference Calls

Arrange the meetings on the run to discuss urgent questions.

Call Transferring

Transfer any urgent call to your colleague if you can’t answer it.


Share your thoughts and ideas with collaborators on the spot.


  • The Webxloo Voice harmoniously complemented the Unified Communication Solutions system with powerful possibilities for secure and low-cost, over the Internet audio conversations, in-app messaging, voicemail, and file-sharing.
  • WXVoice serves for Webxloo and several subsidiaries employees, providing high quality calls and allowing them to stay in touch wherever they are.
  • Webxloo has already got several orders for Unified Communication Solutions system from clients, noting high quality and intuitivity of software.
  • The expenses for development were covered by significantly reduced long-distance calls costs attained by switching from the phone lines to the PBX system, and by more effective employee collaboration.